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A Full-Time Commitment,

Not A Part-Time Assignment!

When the Village Council was established in 1981 Pinehurst had a population of about 1500 residents. The idea that a Council of 5 members would be able to handle Village issues on a part-time basis was sensible and reasonable. Now, over 40 years later the Pinehurst Council still consists of 5 part-time members—but today Pinehurst has over 18,000 residents!

I intend to be engaged & involved in all the issues impacting the residents of Pinehurst. I believe being Mayor is a commitment—not a pastime.  Since I am fully retired I can make that commitment.

Before I decided to seek a seat on the Village Council, I took time to confer with some current and former members of the Council and former Village employees to learn what was needed in the position to best serve our residents. Everyone indicated to me that being a member of the Village council, if done properly, was more like a full-time job.

The Village Council formally meets twice a month—except in August, November & December when it meets once a month. That is a total of 21 4-hour meetings to oversee a $27 million dollar budget with approximately 140 employees and all the related decisions that go along with that responsibility.

Since I joined the Council I have made a point of attending as many meetings as possible of the Planning & Zoning Board, Board of Adjustment, Historic Preservation Commission, Beautification Committee, Bike & Pedestrian Advisory Committee and Neighborhood Advisory Committee. Attending these 90+ separate meetings as well as Village Council meetings has helped me understand better the details about how Pinehurst and our government actually works and to personally get to know more of our residents and their concerns.

Having experienced the demands on a Council Members schedule, I strongly believe a mayors’ job—if done properly—certainly requires an even greater time commitment.


There is no doubt that being Mayor of an internationally recognized community such as Pinehurst is not a hobby—it should be the central focus of the person who holds the job. I promise you that commitment.

I pledge to the residents of Pinehurst, if elected Mayor, I will treat the position more as a full-time commitment—rather than a part-time assignment. The need for dedicated leadership is important.



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