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The Short-Term Rental Reform Success Story

After an extensive and thorough discussion in our community, the Pinehurst Village Council adopted  sensible & successful Short-Term Rental (STR) reforms thus demonstrating how to stop “kicking the can down the road” and stand up for the integrity of our neighborhoods. The debate over STRs began a number of years ago with two opposing arguments:


  1. “Abolish them everywhere”

  2. “Permit them everywhere”


I am proud to say cooler heads prevailed and found a solution that addresses the issue in a professional and rational way.


The ordinance that was adopted last year accomplished four significant actions:


  1. Protected the ability of every STR in Pinehurst to remain an STR for as long as the owner desires. No property owner was required to cease offering their property as an STR

  2. Ended the rapid proliferation of STRs by prohibiting new STRs in single & multi-family residential zoned neighborhoods thus preserving the integrity of our neighborhoods

  3. Left in place the ability of communities with a Homeowner’s Association to prohibit STRs or enact rules and regulations to allow STRs under strict control and management

  4. Brought almost to a complete halt the contentious debate between the “abolish them everywhere” advocates & the “permit them everywhere” advocates that was taking place in our community


I am very proud to have helped engineer a sensible compromise—one that bridged the divide.


Re-opening this issue will certainly produce as much, if not more, controversy than occurred over the past several years. The lengthy & contentious process of public hearings, P&Z board meetings, hundreds of comments at Council meetings, and so forth, would very likely be repeated.


I believe the vast majority of Pinehurst residents’ minds are settled on this issue. Responsible leadership should allow the ordinance to work.




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